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Foam insulation gives architects maximum design freedom while achieving sustainability goals, energy efficiency and code compliance. Commercial architecture increasingly demands energy-efficient and design and sustainable material choices. Our Core-Fill 500™ masonry foam insulation and broad selection of Icynene spray foam insulations will help you deliver code-compliant projects.

XPS Rigid Board is Obsolete for Commercial Building Exterior Walls.

For concrete block walls, Core-Fill 500™ is a much better choice.

For other exterior wall assemblies, Icynene ProSeal™ and ProSeal Eco™ closed-cell spray foams will outperform XPS rigid board by just about every measure you can think of.

XPS rigid foam board is typically chosen as an exterior air barrier for commercial structure wall assemblies. But depending on your specific application, Core-Fill 500 masonry foam insulation and Icynene ProSeal and ProSeal Eco continuous spray foam insulations offer a better way. Specifically:

  • Spray foam insulation is perfect for curved and uniquely shaped surfaces.
  • Foam-in-place masonry foam insulation and spray foam insulation reduce material and labor costs compared to XPS rigid board.

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