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Our Core-Fill 500™ foam insulation for concrete block walls and Icynene® spray foam insulation for attics and frame walls can dramatically lower your heating and cooling costs. And help keep airborne dust, allergens and pests out of indoor spaces.

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Compare Insulations

In addition to offering more insulating power than fiberglass or cellulose insulation, foam insulation offers many additional benefits. Here is a convenient insulation comparison chart that shows the differences.

How Insulation Works

Learn the basics of heat transfer and insulation performance, why fiberglass rarely delivers its labeled R-value, and how the principal of diminishing returns affects insulation performance.

Insulation Safety

Professionally installed foam-in-place and spray foam insulation provide the safest, healthiest home and building air quality of any insulation material. Read more about insulation material safety.

Dry Mix Foam Bags

Beware Dry Mix Foam Masonry Insulation.

Friends don’t let friends use dry mix foam masonry insulation.
Bags of dry mix foam insulation, mixed at a job site to insulate concrete block walls, will not perform as well as Core-Fill 500™.
Learn why.